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Sunset at Aninuan aims to be plastic free as part of our continuous effort to be an eco-friendly establishment. We are now providing our guests Swiss handblown glass carafes crafted with natural elements ensuring a more beneficial and sustainable water consumption. Along with this effort, free clean drinking water is available to our guests at any time. We hope that this small step helps towards building a more nature-friendly future.

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Blessed with it's lush back drop of Mt. Malasimbo, a fresh stream of river rushes down to the calm open sea water on an ideal romantic setting with magnificent sunset views.
With 40 Beach Fronting rooms, Al Fresco Dining set-up, the most comfortable lounge areas and exceptional service, nothing compares to Sunset Resort on the island.

Additional 5 Villas located just right across the street from the resort offer stand-alone accommodation with kitchenette, comfortably situated inside a compound with it's own swimming pool and gym facilities.

Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort is most popular with honeymooners, couples and families with young children.
Teens and Young adults also frequent the resort because of it's close proximity to White Beach, within two minute-drive, you can already experience its robust nightlife.

For the little adventurous, Aninuan Falls is only a trek away trailing local villages and nature at its finest.

The house reef teeming with marine species and sea turtles is perfect for snorkelling and preliminary diving offered by

the resort's in-house diving centre.

Pamper your self while having a massage under the palm trees or inside our serene and well-appointed spa room.
Undeniably a relaxation you deserve.

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Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort!​​​​​​
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